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The Earthyalchemist Soaps N' Scrubs was created in a quest to find a more natural and balanced approach to skincare. In the process of finding it for personal use for our family, an exclusive line of ethically sourced, cruelty free, all natural array of bath and beauty products was born.

Handcrafted artisanal soaps, scrubs and skincare is our speciality.

Natural clays, milks, creams, nourishing oils and butters make up the bulk of our soaps and scrubs giving new meaning to the phrase back to basics. 

Whatever your lifestyle,age and skin type there is a soap in my arsenal for you. 

Take a peek at my collection here.

Private Label/ Wholesale Orders

  • You can order large quantities of naked soaps so you can place your own labels and customize them to suit your needs. We use custom made recipes for all skin types.  We specialize in high quality recipes, containing simple, ingredients. Choose from our many soap offerings. Each of these recipes incorporate single to 4 oils in different proportions, offering soap with lots of lather, that is soft on your skin, cleansing and makes for the best all-purpose handmade soap.  We add in pure essential oils, natural clays, freshly dried herbs & botanicals, natural colorants, exfoliants and more. Choose from our list of soaps. 

Our Top 3 Selling Private Label Soaps from the Earthyalchemist line:

  • Rosemary/ Mint – Fresh, cool, minty  and herbal freshness– this bar is a best seller for us. 
  •  Coffe and Milk– An AMAZING facial and body scrub  bar, made with coffee grounds and soft oils and butters. 
  •  Milk and Honey Soap rich goat's milk, locally sourced honey and colloidal oatmeal soap scented with sweet honey. This is a simple skin loving bar of soap. Especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Explore Alchemy

The Alchemist

Is someone who transforms or creates something with magical powers

The Earth Provides Balance

Nature is a source of limitless nourishment and abundance. We as a species have coexisted with nature from the beginning of time. So it is only natural that nature based products give our bodies and minds the most sustenance. Our skin is the largest organ we possess and so feeding it  earth based simply made skin foods prove to this day to be the most beneficial. Somehow over time we have managed to move away from the kitchen pantry remedies and farm fresh solutions to chemicals and complicated processes. Turning from the corner apothecary to the $80 bottles of creams from mega companies that mass produce and source out services to aid us in our skin care needs. We are eager to place our trust in bigger billboards and longer TV ads than Grandma's tried and tested concoction. Why is that?

In a world of progressive thinking and innovation, we need to know what to hold onto and what to let go. I firmly believe we need a change. Back to basics and nature based bath and beauty products are the answer to all our skin and hair care needs

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Thank you for your soaps and scrubs being wrapped up so well. It was easy to gift with no extra wrapping on my part. I gave my mom a care package of your citrus scrub, Limonique  and Cinderella Soap Bar. It is such a great combo for her and she wants more so I will be placing my second order soon! -Madeline-

I am in LOVE with your Tulasi Soap Bar. I love how creamy it is. I never expected a natural soap would be so smooth to use.

 -Cindy Perone-

This is my first time using a natural soap on my son and he and I both love it! After many decades I am switching back to bar soap and no regrets with your Ivory Bar. I will be buying some of your Kendra soon. I love the color. -Amy Wilson-

Got my order today! I love how great the box smelled and your presentation is the bomb! Also thanks for the surprise gift! So far I LOVE the lip balms. All three of them are awesome! CanNOT wait to try Princess and Manna soaps and the scrubs. Thanks again. I will be back ;) 

-Allison Lance-